Assessor Family Scholarship


Assessor’s and Assessor Employees,

At the 2015 Colorado Assessors’ Association Summer Conference in Pagosa Springs, ValueWest, Inc. announced its intention to fund a scholarship award that would be offered to college-age students whose parents are current Colorado county assessors or have been employees of Colorado County Assessor’s offices currently and for at least five years. The scholarship has been named the “ValueWest Assessor Family Scholarship.”  To date, with the help of two other donors, ValueWest has awarded $4,500 of scholarship money to two qualified candidates since the original announcement.  We are pleased to announce that we will be continuing this scholarship program for the 2018 school year.

Today, we are happy to release the details of this opportunity, and open up the application process for the 2018 scholarship which will be awarded this year at the 2018 Colorado Assessors’ Association Summer Conference in Snowmass on June 11-14.

We will again use a committee of three or four current Colorado assessors to review the applications. This committee will make the difficult decisions that always accompany these types of awards. ValueWest, Inc. (our employees or owners) will have no role in the selection process other than defining scholarship criteria. The committee members will independently score each submission. Each application will have a set of scores, one from each committee member, which will be added together to determine the total score. The highest scoring applicant will be awarded the scholarship for 2018.

The questions are intended to help the committee score the application with consideration for needs, ambitions, and school/community involvement.  The intent of the scholarship is to offer an opportunity that may not exist otherwise, or to reduce financial burden of an existing opportunity, and further one young person’s education.

ValueWest is pleased to be able to offer this $1500 scholarship for 2018.   Additional donations will be added to the scholarship as they are made.    In 2016 the award was $2,000.  In 2017 the award was $2,500.   We expect the total award in 2018 to be at least $2500.  Lisa Frizell and Amy Woodworth have both contributed personally in the past.  Additional contributions are always welcome.

ValueWest is thankful for the support of the Colorado assessors and their employees.  We hope this scholarship is a small symbol of our appreciation.


John Zimmerman,

ValueWest, Inc.


Assessor Scholarship Application 2018