John Zimmerman

John Zimmerman is the Founder and President of ValueWest, Inc.  He has been in the ad valorem assessment business since 1986 when he graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder with a Political Science, Public Service Bachelors Degree.  After working on the Colorado Property Assessment Study for several years John joined Thos. Y. Pickett & Company (TYP) as a key part of the Colorado Property Assessment Study.  Eventually becoming the project lead and Denver Office Manager for TYP.   After ten years with TYP, John ventured out on his own by forming ValueWest, Inc.  One of the first assignments in the new business was assisting in the purchase price allocation of the largest gold mine acquistion in the world at that time.  Normandy Mining was purchased by Newmont Mining Corporation and the deal was finalized in February 2002.   ValueWest has since contracted with many Colorado Assessor’s in providing services such as Commercial Reappraisals, Residential Reappraisals, a variety of analytical services and has developed a public access web site solution for assessor data.

Steve Snyder

Steve Snyder is a Certified General Appraiser in the State of Colorado, and a Certified General Real Estate Appraiser in the State of Arizona, with more than two decades of experience in the property tax arena. Prior to launching his own property appraisal company in 2008, Steve served as the Director, State Audit of all 64 County Assessors for the Colorado Legislative Council. Through his long career, Steve has served as Douglas County Assessor, Mesa County Assessor, and CDOT Eminent Domain Appraiser for the Colorado Western Slope. Steve has done eminent domain appraisals, special issues property appraisals, lender appraisals, and agricultural, commercial and residential property appraisals.
Steve is a graduate of Colorado Christian University and continuously attends workshops and certification programs to stay abreast of the changing world of property valuations.
In addition to certifications in Colorado and Arizona, Steve is an AQB Certified USPAP Instructor, having taught both the seven and the fifteen-hour USPAP classes to a wide variety of appraisal professionals in Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Alabama, Massachusetts, Washington State, New Mexico, and Saskatchewan, Canada.